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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Curry Chicken Casserole

Curry Chicken Casserole was a favorite growing up. However, despite my slightly disproportionate ratio of chicken to broccoli consumption as a child - I've come to love eating the broccoli too :)  This recipe is simple and is great for the family or for a small setting with the benefits of great leftovers.  I made this after a long hiatus probably about 5 years! I kind of forgot about it until I was looking through the family recipe book and was reunited again!

Curry Chicken Casserole
From my family cookbook
Serves 6 people

4 chicken breasts
2 cups of broccoli florets (frozen or fresh)
2 tins cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 TBSP curry yellow powder (more if you like spicier - less if you don't like a strong curry taste)
2 cups of grated cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350.

1. Boil chicken breasts in lightly salted water for about 20 minutes.  Remove and discard bone and skin and cut chicken into small cubed pieces.

2.  Parboil broccoli for 5 minutes and place on the bottom of a rectangular casserole dish.

3.  Place cubed chicken atop of the broccoli.

4.  Combine soup and mayonnaise and curry in a separate bowl.

5.  Pour mixture over the chicken, and top with grated cheese.

6. Bake for 30 minutes. Serves well with jasmine or basmati rice.

Keeps well for a few days in the fridge and is excellent for leftovers.  Enjoy!

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  1. Meagan's mom adds Italian bread crumbs (fine) to the top and Nancy puts stuffing sized bread crumbs (big) on top and both are yummy!! Try it AL!


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