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Friday, 18 November 2011


Try adding a little extra to your wreath with fresh cinnamon sticks and hydrated fruit! Smells great!
Warning: bite-size cookies that are highly addictive!  

These are a family favorite that we've been making for over 10 years. They are great for a cookie exchange, gifts, or parties. Basically, they are good for any event where you will need a large yield. This batch makes over 100.  They are small, so don't worry about thinking it will take forever - it's pretty easy once you get started.  

Originally they were made with the toffee bars - and the company stopped making them! I was stressed that I would never be able to make my cookies again. However, I checked the website and they do still make the individually wrapped toffee candies.  Christmas has many smells for me - and the smell of cooking toffee is definitely one of them! 

Taken from a family friend, Mrs. Strong.


2 x 170 g Mack Toffee (Macintosh plaid wrapper) Package (total of 340 g)
1 package of large white marshmallows
1 package of Special K
1 tin of sweetened condensed milk
¼ cup of butter


Prior to starting to make the cookies I would place the following in their own bowls to make things easier: 1) all unwrapped toffee 2) cut marshmallows in halves 3) Special K

Prepare a cookie sheet with wax paper and put to one side.
In a large saucepan, melt butter and add toffee.
When melted, add condensed milk and heat until bubbling and smooth, reduce to low heat

Using a fondue or regular fork, dip halved marshmallow into toffee mixture until coated

Drop into bowl filled with Special K and turn until completely covered (be careful it’s HOT)

Place on cookie sheet.

Repeat until you’ve made all 100+ cookies – this is a huge yield and it’s meant to be frozen until served. You can place cookies in freezer in cookie sheet until just frozen enough to then stack on one another in an airtight container.

This recipe requires a little of an assembly line mentality to ensure things get done without burning on the toffee or scalding your hands! Once you get the first few done, you'll be flying in no time. 

Before serving, thaw slightly. These are a favorite and I’m glad there are so many to share with friends who keep coming back for more! 

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