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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ice Cream-Cookiewiches

I love autumn.  But who said it was OK for summer to be over? Gone are the days of eating a fresh waffle cone and ice cream while you walk down the boardwalk.  But I want ice cream now! What could I do to make a perfect blend of summer and fall?

You guessed it. Ice Cream-Cookiwiches. I’ve got to give the credit for this idea. You see them in the freezer section at the gas station – but I wanted something homemade of course.

There’s no way I’m patient enough (remember from the Apple Crisp?) to bake my own cookies and let them fully cool to put ice cream on them. No. I'd have one melted mess on my hands. 

I decided to trot to the grocery store bakery and buy the chewy-chunkiest chocolate chip cookies they had. If you have more self-control, please feel free to bake your own cookies!

You can choose whatever flavor you want of ice cream – although cookiedough is a personal favorite I opted for classic vanilla since I was already making a cookie ice cream sandwich. 

Ice Cream-Cookiewiches

Makes ½ as many of your total sum of cookies. 12 cookies means 6 ice cream-cookiewiches.


Chocolate chip or chunk cookies
Softened ice cream – leave out of the freezer for 5 minutes so it's easier to work with
Option: ¾ cup toasted coconut (or use chocolate chips, Skor bits, smarties, etc.)


Take ice cream and dollop ¼ cup on bottom side of cookie.
Take another cookie and palce on top and smooth edges with spoon.
Roll sides in coconut (or if you want to get fancy try the other toppings).
Store in freezer in a tupperware container.

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